About NAAS

NAAS is a network that champions innovation in cinema exhibition in the Arabic-speaking region. Through its work, NAAS aims to broaden the scope of films available to the Arab public and encourage dialogue around cinema and its history with the hopes of tapping into the potential presented by the collective experience of watching film in a public setting. We support initiatives that attempt through their programming, events, space, outreach, and operation to support a vibrant and sustainable cinema culture with the aim of developing audiences engaging with film.

Archival Workshop in Arsenal

In the absence of appropriate public policies that ensure the preservation of film heritage in their respective...

NAAS goes to Venice

Butheina HK from Cinema Akil and Noémi Kahn from NAAS team just took part in the Art Cinema = Action...

Conference At Gouna Film Festival

In its first edition, the Gouna Film Festival dedicated a session to Alternative Exhibition Spaces in the...

Mapping Arab Cinema Audiences

NAAS organized two discussion groups on the 22nd and the 23rd of September, in partnership with...

Meet the NAAS at the Berlinale

The Network of Arab Alternative Screens organizes its first encounter of the year during the 67th...

(NAAS) organized its third regional AACW

The latter took place from the 22nd until the 28th of April in Tangier...

10th anniversary of Panorama of the European Film

his year’s selection features over fifty films and a diverse parallel program...

Round Table Discussions in Carthage

What is at stake in programming for young film audiences today...