“Mapping Arab Cinema Audiences : Egypt” Discussion groups

NAAS organized two discussion groups on the 22nd and the 23rd of September, in partnership with Wekalet Behna in Alexandria and Cimatheque in Cairo.

Last April, NAAS initiated “Mapping Arab Cinema Audiences : Egypt”, a year-long research project focused on understanding the cinema-going habits and behaviors of audiences in Egypt today. In focus groups, discussions and surveys conducted across different geographical locations in Egypt with individuals of varying age-groups and socio-cultural backgrounds, we ask questions such as: As a cinema-goer, how do you choose the films to watch? How do you hear about films? How many times per month do you go to the cinema? Who do you go with? Do you prefer foreign, Arab or local cinema? Do you have a Video on Demand (VoD) subscription?
The research also investigates intersections between cinema going and gender, class, age and the urban/rural divide.
The project develops methodologies that can help in mapping the cinema-going behaviors and habits of audiences in other countries from the region and makes available otherwise unavailable data about cinema audiences, distribution channels and exhibition infrastructures in Egypt and regionally.
Research findings, in addition to a series of texts exploring different aspects of the audience’s relationship to cinema and its sites of exhibition and distribution, will be published by the beginning of 2018.
Links & Downloads:
• Discussion in Cairo 
• Discussion in Alexandria
“Mapping Arab Cinema Audiences : Egypt” is held with support from the Arab Fund for Arts & Culture (AFAC)  and Culture Resource (Al Mawred Al Thaqafy)