NAAS provides a range of services to its members, with the aim of supporting them toward institutional sustainability and development, creating opportunities to increase solidarity among them, and reconfiguring the cinema-going publics in the Arab region.


GRANTING:  Cinapses is designed as a grant program to encourage long-term, joint initiatives among NAAS members. It aims to lead members into new opportunities for institutional sustainability and programmatic development, create solidarity among members, activate network mobility, and build an ecosystem and strong tools to be used by everyone in the network and larger sector.


FILM RESOURCES: NAAS builds on the great diversity of the network to investigate alternative distribution schemes based on the mutualization of costs, expertise, information, resources, and tools pertaining to programming and film curation, outreach, community screenings and Q&A’s, as well as mediation with distributors. 


TRAININGS & REGIONAL MEETINGS: The NAAS trainings and regional meetings create momentum for alternative cinema exhibitors to meet, network, and elaborate strategies around common challenges and shared prospects.

Arab Arthouse Cinema Workshop @ Cimatheque

The second Arab Arthouse Cinema Workshop held by NAAS took place in Cairo between the 4th and 8th