Ghazzeh, West Bekaa, Lebanon

Action for Hope was founded in 2015 to provide cultural development and cultural relief programs that meet the cultural, social, and psychological needs of d

Samawa and Baghdad, Iraq

Samawa Cinema was founded in 2012 by a group of young film directors in the city of Samawa in southern Iraq.

Algiers, Algeria

Dima Cinema is an initiative created in 2019 with the objective of setting up and promoting cinematographic initiatives in Algeria.

The Animation School is an initiative dedicated to visual arts, aimed to create and develop ‎an alternative stream in the wider field of Animation.

Alexandria, Egypt

Cinema Everywhere searches for culturally marginalized spaces to use as alternative screening spaces.

Cairo, Egypt is a website in Arabic dedicated to cinema criticism and to writing about cinema and its makers.

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

We are a group of filmmakers and film lovers who believe in the impact of film on society and see it as a powerful vehicle for culture and education.