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NAAS is proud to share with you a full year of the network activity, NAAS 2018 Annual Report.



2018 marks a milestone year for NAAS, as the network begins to realize the extent of its potential and to coalesce around a deepened understanding of the organization by all its stakeholders.


During this year NAAS has officially launched the first cycle of “Cinapses” program to support its members and create opportunities that advocate solidarity among them. It has also published the network’s first research project,“Mapping Cinema Audiences: Egypt,” distributing it to film centres, cinema spaces and as NAAS is keen on sharing produced knowledge.

The network also participated in multiple regional and international meetings in order to explore new horizons of development, including cinematic forums, taking part in juries of festivals, pioneering programs to develop concepts of distribution, networking and film circulation, specifically alternative film within the Arab speaking region.The network also elected a new administrative board.


In a nutshell, 2018 was a year of important action-taking and productive work within NAAS network, as it takes strong steps towards boosting the network on the inside and working to expand and broaden its impact on the outside.


The NAAS network with its members and affiliates for 2018 included:

Cinémathèque de Tanger

Fédération Tunisienne des Ciné-Club الجامعة التّونسيّة لنوادي السّينما


Animation School - Jesuit Cairo

Association Project heurt's

Wekalet Behna


Cimatheque - Alternative Film Centre

Sudan Film Factory

Metropolis Cinema

Filmlab: Palestine

Yabous Cultural Centre - مركز يبوس الثقافي

Cinema Akil

Samawa Cinema

HAKKA Distribution

MC Distribution

ترسو / سينما في كل مكان Cinema Everywhere