As part of the “Cinema-Going in the Arab World” conference, a forum at Cimatheque - Alternative Film Centre was held at NVIC - Netherlands-Flemish Institute in Cairo on September 15th, 2018 to discuss recent research on cinema audiences, and new cinema exhibition initiatives in Egypt.


The forum focused primarily on NAAS's new publication Mapping Cinema Audiences: EGYPT where Nour El Safoury, the editor of the publication, talked with Alia Ayman about working on the project, reflecting on the project’s overall approach, fieldwork assumptions and methodology, key findings, the specificities of a project that exists at the crossroads between industry research and critical discourses, and the possibilities of conducting this type of research today, in Egypt. The forum also reflected on new practices of film exhibition, especially in Alexandria.


Discussion took place in Arabic and simultaneous interpretation were provided.
Speakers: Nour El Safoury (Project manager/researcher of Mapping Cinema Audiences:EGYPT, NAAS) Alia Ayman (Curator at Zawya, NYU-Anthropology) Waguih Al-Laqany (سينما في كل مكان Cinema Everywhere, Alexandria).