Haifa, Palestinian Territories

The Haifa Independent Film Festival (HIFF) aspires to create a cultural crossing between Haifa and unreachable, prohibited parts of the Arab world — allowing a leap out of our inner and inter-cultural voids that have been prevalent for too long. Within Palestine, there are multiple productions of pictures that are screened annually in front of international audiences. HIFF is the first to host a local stage for these local talents: the prominent, the emerging, and the unacknowledged. Spanning over a week long celebration in the heart of Haifa’s Alternative cultural spaces, HIFF is an exciting exchange of truly extraordinary cinema. Stretching over several Palestinian venues in Haifa, HIFF brings forth an exposé of works ranging from newly released films from Palestine and the Arab world to pictures from past decades. To further encourage discourse amongst its audiences, year after year, HIFF pursues new ways to introduce more people to the most original and authentic storytelling. HIFF invites filmmakers and experts to present their work through a series of workshops and masterclasses, followed by cultural and festive events — all of which culminate in one week of non-stop cinema, culture, and atmosphere.

Photo credits: Hamodi Ghanam

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