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NAAS Network of Arab Alternative Screens

NAAS | Network of Arab Alternative Screens


NAAS is a network that champions innovation in cinema exhibition in the Arabic-speaking region. Through its work, NAAS aims to broaden the scope of films available to the Arab public and encourage dialogue around cinema and its history with the hopes of tapping into the potential presented by the collective experience of watching film in a public setting.

We support initiatives that attempt through their programming, events, space, outreach, and operation to support a vibrant and sustainable cinema culture with the aim of developing audiences engaging with film.

Through the yearly organization of regional encounters, film touring programs and workshops, NAAS provides support to its growing constellation of non-governmental cinema spaces.


The NAAS network currently counts 16 members and affiliates:


12 cinemas, cine-clubs and cultural centers

4 affiliates: screening halls, initiatives in the public space and a film critic website


The venues represent:


34 screens

4,000 seats

More than 181,000 viewers / year.

The network’s members are based in 9 Arab countries: Algeria - Egypt - Iraq - Lebanon - Morocco - Palestine - Sudan - Tunisia - United Arab Emirates