NAAS provides a range of services to its members, with the aim of supporting them toward institutional sustainability and development, creating opportunities to increase solidarity among them, and reconfiguring the cinema-going publics in the Arab region.

Through its core program, “Cinapses”, NAAS allocates financial support to joint initiatives put forward by its members pertaining to their programmatic development. Joint initiatives entail a core component implemented in partnership between a minimum of two co-applicants, consisting of NAAS members and/or affiliates.  

NAAS regularly partners with peer institutions to create training programs that address selected  themes pertaining to film programming ranging from the technical to the archival curation.  

NAAS also activates the circulation of films within the network through recommendations, mediation and partnerships with film distributors and agencies, regional and international festivals, and archival institutions.

Through its various programs, including training and regional encounters, NAAS harnesses the expertise and resources around the network to catalyze peer learning, building connections and developing capacities for its members.

NAAS prize for film circulation - 2018

In 2018, the Prize for film circulation was awarded by a jury composed of NAAS members to the fil


In early 2017, the Network of Arab Alternative Screens (NAAS) launched “Cinapses,” a pilot progra

2017 NAAS Prize for film circulation

In 2017 and through  2018, NAAS supported the subtitling and circulation of twelve new Arab and i

Creative Film Programming : Between Year-Round Cinema and the Film Festival

NAAS teamed up with Metropolis Cinema in Beirut to launch the second training program of “Cinapse

Archival Curation Workshop

In the absence of public policies that ensure the preservation of film heritage in their respecti

Project Development Workshop

In April 2017, NAAS organized its first Project Development Workshop, taking place in partnership

Round Table Discussions in Carthage

2-3 November 2016, Tunis


Arab Arthouse Cinema Workshop @ Cimatheque

The second Arab Arthouse Cinema Workshop held by NAAS took place in Cairo between the 4th and 8th