RUSHES #3 🔹 Networks as Technologies of Solidarity

An online discussion on 10 December with Rana Yazaji, Joey Shea, Leil Zahra Mortada, and Yazan Khalili. Moderated by NAAS Executive Director Jowe Harfouche

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2019 NAAS Prize for Film Circulation

NAAS is proud to announce Khadar Ahmed's The...

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NAAS 2018 Annual Report

A summary of the network's activity

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Publication ◇ Mapping Cinema Audiences: Egypt

Publication Launch

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NAAS is a network that champions innovation in cinema exhibition in the Arabic-speaking region. Through its work, NAAS aims at broadening the scope of films available to the Arab public and encourage dialogue around cinema and its history with the hopes of tapping into the potential presented by the collective experience of watching film in a public setting. We support initiatives that attempt through their programming, events, space, outreach, and operation to support a vibrant and sustainable cinema culture with the aim of developing audiences engaging with



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