The Metropolis Art Cinema Association was created in 2006 with the aim to defend and promote cinema in all of its shapes and forms. The objectives of the Association have developed around several items:

  • Promote independent Lebanese, Arab and international films.
  • Incite the younger public to discover cinema through tailor-made programs.
  • Establish a rich and varied programming by presenting different genres, eras and tendencies, with an interest in alternative films and documentaries.
  • Support the access to cinema for everyone. 

Metropolis Association showcases year round programs of films rarely present on the Lebanese commercial screens. This has allowed Metropolis Association to foster and secure a new public that has been growing constantly over the years. It programs since 2008 the Metropolis Empire Sofil theaters in Beirut. Today, it welcomes over 75,000 spectators a year and organizes a wide array of events across the country (Jounieh, Tripoli, Tyr, Zahlé, Saida, Bekaa). 

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