You can contribute to the development of the network in many ways:

Donate films

You are a filmmaker, a producer, a distributor or a cinema archive, and you hold the rights for films on the Arab region. You can support the cinema spaces by donating the films of your choice from your catalogue or waiving certain screening fees for special screenings. Please contact us to discuss the conditions.

Host a training for our members

You are an individual or an organisation working on audience development, marketing and outreach, archival curation, and/or institutional development. We are keen to build the network’s capacities in all these aspects and more. If you are willing to share your expertise, as an individual or an institution, please contact us.

Financial contributions 

Financial donations will be used to further develop NAAS’s research and services to its members and help cover institutional costs. To know more details, do not hesitate to contact us.


NAAS cultivates partnerships with cinema institutions based in more than ten countries. You can widen our impact by communicating about our activities or making introductions to potential members or partners. If you are interested in doing so, please contact us.

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