Ramallah, Palestine

SHASHAT Women Cinema Shashat is an independent non-profit women cinema NGO in Palestine, formally registered with both the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Culture, whose focus is on women’s cinema and the social and cultural implications of women’s representations. Shashat is a unique NGO in Palestine, as is it the sole organization in the country which has focused on and made as its priority, women’s cinema as an agent of social change. It has also specialized in building the capacity of young women filmmakers through an integrated approach which includes training, mentoring, production support, exhibition and dissemination so that they are producers of Palestinian culture and not only consumers of it. Shashat conducts an annual women’s cinema screening and discussion program, which includes a film festival, which reaches thousands of audiences, especially women and youth, in geographically and culturally marginalized areas in the belief that culture is a human right. 

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