Throughout the past years, TAA has been active in the South of Lebanon, working hard to mobilize and increase the interest of younger generations in the arts. TAA has emphasized the importance of shaping these generations to become culturally open, tolerant, and receptive to the "other". This has led the Association to invest particularly in breaking the cultural isolation of the refugee camps (both Palestinians and Syrians) and the Lebanese marginalized areas, and also to initiate a women`s empowerment project to help give them a role and voice to act. In addition to that, TAA implements various arts and environmental projects in the region, and last but not least, the Arab Culture and Arts Network that was initiated in 2020. The Association has made use of workshops, trainings, festivals, and events to reach this purpose. To this end, TAA targets a variety of age groups starting from 7 years old. TAA beneficiaries include volunteers, schoolchildren and university students, families, as well as local and international artists. Among the activities in the mentioned projects are those that depend on providing free, independent platforms and cultural spaces for society.

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