Jerusalem, Palestine

Yabous is a Jerusalem-based nonprofit Palestinian organization founded in 1995 by Suhail Khoury and a group of initiators. Yabous works to preserve the Palestinian national identity and revive cultural life in Jerusalem, through the organization of various and continuous cultural and artistic programs and events during the year. 

Yabous Cultural Centre works on achieving its goal through its programs: 

  • Festivals (The yearly Jerusalem Festival, Al Quds Popular Art Festival, Al Quds Storytelling Festival, Film Festivals, Ramadan musical nights, Christmas Festival)
  • Literately activities (Literature readings, panel discussions, book launches, book exhibitions) 
  • Children programs (Theater activities, storytelling activities, Fun club for kids and diversified entertaining activities)
  • Arts Summer Camp
  • Cinema (Regular diversified screenings, Film screening for schools, Children’s Film Festival)
  • Art exhibitions, including the “First Exhibition” in fine art and photography
  • Popular folkloric dancing classes
  • Different cultural weeks and workshops

In order to achieve its objectives and to implement its programs and activities, Yabous has been keen to rehabilitate the former Jerusalem Cinema and transform it to a multi-purpose cultural Center that provides basic facilities to accommodate these activities: Cinema Al Quds Hall (81 people), a meeting room (20 people), Faisal Husseini Hall for music, dance, festivals and conferences (340 seats), the lounge of Mahmoud Darwish for exhibitions and workshops specialized in visual arts, the Art Shop, which deals with the marketing of works and artistic, literary and craft publications that are produced and issued in Palestine, and a coffee shop that hosts the center's visitors and the general public of Jerusalem.

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