Rojeh Khleif at Radical Film Network's Dawn of a New Society
23 August 2021

Rojeh Khleif at Radical Film Network's Dawn of a New Society

Rojeh Khleif of NAAS newcomer BLAD Films took part in the Radical Film Network Meeting in Berlin.

In an Open Discussion, Rojeh discussed Palestinian film making in historic Palestine and the Palestinian Territories, gave a brief insight into the Palestinian film industry, and spotlighted the main challenges facing Palestinian film makers in Israel and Palestinian Territories. The discussion was followed by a Q&A with the participants.


About Radical Film Network Meeting Berlin:

The second RFN Meeting Berlin: Radical Film at The Dawn of A New Society consisted of 3 Days of Talks, Lectures, Seminars and Screenings from 25- 28 August 2021 at Atelier Gardens, Berlin-Tempelhof.
The event was created with the intention of initiating exchange and dialogue between actors of the Radical Film Network, Berlin filmmakers and cultural practitioners.

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