Appointment of Dana Alawneh as NAAS's New Programs and Communications Director
13 September 2019

Appointment of Dana Alawneh as NAAS's New Programs and Communications Director

It is our great pleasure to announce the appointment of the new Programs and Communications Director, Dana Alawneh.

With a broad range of experience in managing projects in the arts and culture sector, Dana has worked with several international art festivals as a co-curator and programmer. With the Goethe-Institut in Cairo, she coordinated and managed, for over three years, three different cultural projects spanning across Upper Egypt, Cairo, the Arab region, and Europe. Dana received her masters degree in Gender and Women’s Studies from the American University in Cairo and is fluent in Arabic, English, German, and Serbo-Croatian.

We look forward to the glow, expertise, and new perspectives that she will bring to NAAS.
This summer witnessed the bittersweet departure of Noémi Kahn, who has been NAAS’s Assistant Director since the organization’s registration in 2016. For the past three years, Noémi’s pivotal contributions served to lay the foundations of the network as it stands today. We will miss her greatly, forever grateful for the transformational effect she has had on NAAS as an organization and a community and wish her success and joy as she has brought to the network in all her future endeavors.

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