Empowering the capacities of Tunisian and Algerian cinema clubs with Cine Fabrika
28 July 2019

Empowering the capacities of Tunisian and Algerian cinema clubs with Cine Fabrika

NAAS is pleased to announce the training program organized by its member the Tunisian Federation of Ciné-Clubs!

In cooperation with Dima Cinema (Algeria), the Federation is organizing a professional training program entitled “Ciné-Fabrika” to empower the capacities of the Tunisian and Algerian cinema clubs, ensuring the sustainability of various similar film initiatives in Tunisia and Algeria.



The training is divided into two sessions and covers basic knowledge in the areas of communication, accessible display techniques, discussion management, cinematic analysis, and programming.


At the end of the two training sessions, a (guide) will be discussed to serve as a roadmap and tool that facilitates the activities of movie clubs.

The training is provided by a team of specialists in the field, and the training track includes the provision of theoretical knowledge in addition to the workshops.

Movie clubs wishing to participate in the Ciné-Fabrika program must complete this form and nominate the names of participants, and submit the following form before the deadline.

It is worth noting that the Film Club can nominate a maximum of one or two participants per club. The final decision on the selection of participants is up to the Ciné-Fabrika Committee.


Practical information:


- The program covers the costs of transportation and residence of the participants.

- Twenty candidates (ten Tunisian candidates and ten Algerian candidates) will be chosen to follow the training program in its two sessions.

- The first session is scheduled for the period from 14 to 18 June 2019 at the International Cultural Center in Hammamet - Tunisia.

- The second session is scheduled for October 2019. (You will be informed of the site later).

- The selection committee will conduct a Skype interview with the shortlisted candidates.


The deadline for submitting applications is Saturday 25 May 2019 at 00:00 (midnight CET).


This project is supported by NAAS Network of Arab Alternative Screens.



To apply, follow this link

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