Liberate the Image: A Manifesto to Restitute Collective Memory
30 October 2019

Liberate the Image: A Manifesto to Restitute Collective Memory

The Manifesto “Liberate The Image” is the outcome of 2 years of meetings within the framework of the Documentary Convention organized by DOX BOX (Berlin) together with AFAC - The Arab Fund for Arts and Culture and other international partners.

"Today, multinational conglomerates own our image.
We demand the same right.

Awareness of our disconnection from the realities of our past and the restrictions on the mobility of audiovisual heritage compels us to act. Archival material of the Global South is scattered and dispersed. It is often being held captive in spaces that perpetuate colonial practice or by state institutions that refuse their citizens access.
These economies of accumulation must be dismantled in order for the have-nots of the world to discover, engage with, and re-appropriate their right to tell their own stories. Technology, interconnectivity and crucial alliances allow images to circulate in a way that people no longer can."

Read more about this brilliant initiative we took part in during the last Documentary Convention in Leipzig in April.

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