Sudan Film Factory's Cultural Policies Workshops
30 November 2019

Sudan Film Factory's Cultural Policies Workshops

Sudan Film Factory's important and essential initiative contributes to creating a general context for dialogue on culture and advancing perspectives on cultural policies pertaining to changes beyond Sudan’s December Revolution.

“Sudan Film Factory will develop and organise a series of seminars and workshops on the concept of cultural policies that will help plan what we would like to call the transitional cultural policies that we aim for the transitional government to adopt.
In this framework, we work in cooperation with Action For Hope; an institution that has deep-rooted experiences and expertise in working with communities in crises in the arts and culture field. This is to start a practical and creative dialogue in the interest of collecting visions, ideas and contributions of individuals and working groups in Sudan, on the path to building a culture-backed and culture supporting Sudan.”

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Deadline: Thursday, 5th December, 2019

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