Art Lives Initiative
25 June 2020

Art Lives Initiative

NAAS member Action For Hope, in collaboration with Ettijahat - Independent Culture and Mophradat are pleased to announce the launch of the Art Lives Initiative, which is an exceptional project to support artistic practitioners residing in the Arab Region. The initiative comes as a quick and flexible response to protect artists and cultural practitioners in the Arab Region whose livelihoods and health have been affected by the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus. The Art Lives Initiative is not only limited to alleviating the impact of such difficulties on artistic practitioners, but also to empower the presence of Art in our lives as artistic recipients. Over the past few months, we have witnessed how people across the world have turned to Arts and Culture to resist the impact of isolation, and how they’ve relied on creative outputs from artists and creators, be it individuals or groups, to ease the burden and challenges of recent events. This has reaffirmed the many ways in which Art is crucial to the social and humanitarian frameworks of life.

Read the full announcement here.
To download the application form in Arabic and apply, please click on this link.
See answers to frequently asked questions here.

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