SAWA: In-Person Film Screenings in Beirut and Saida
12 December 2020

SAWA: In-Person Film Screenings in Beirut and Saida

We are pleased to announce the short program "SAWA" that Beiruti NAAS member Metropolis Cinema is co-organizing with Beirut DC in partnership with Ishbilia Theatre and ArtHub in Saida and Sunflower - Douwar el Shams Theater in Beirut. SAWA was put together in an effort to bring back physical cinema screenings of independent films to the two cities. Working together and being together in a dark room in front of a big screen is an important expression of solidarity in times where togetherness is more and more scarce.

The 6 films the program comprises - from Beirut, Tunisia, Brazil and Venezuela - were curated with a desire to connect with experiences of resistance and revolt elsewhere.

Funded by the International Relief Fund of the German Federal Foreign Office, the Goethe-Institut Libanon, and other partners.
This Project is also made possible with the support of the Arab Arts and Culture (AFAC) and Cultural Resource s Solidarity Fund and the Network of Arab Alternative Screens' (NAAS) Cinapses 2 program.

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