Suwar al Amal (Work Archives) Chapter One: "Al Tarahil"
12 February 2020

Suwar al Amal (Work Archives) Chapter One: "Al Tarahil"

Al-Tarahil (Migrant workers) is the first chapter of the program Suwar al Amal (Work Archives), which Wekalet Behna presented in cooperation with the Jesuit Cultural Center - Alexandria.

Al-Tarahil (Migrant workers) is a research art project that includes a film program with many chapters, an art exhibition and publications aiming to study images and representations of work in cinema archives, contemporary films, artistic practices, and related literary and theatrical works in Egypt, from the 1930s until today. It thinks through different contexts in light of various theories and concepts of work to develop awareness and critical readings on the history of cinema and modern and contemporary art.

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