Sana'a, Yemen

Comra Films is a Sana'a-based centre for filmmaking and a growing hub of Yemen's film network. In Yemen, film studies and public screenings are non-existent; foreign media access is blocked and local political media outlets control the world’s view of Yemen and it’s people. We therefore believe that now is the most pressing time for independent Yemeni filmmakers to reclaim their voice and change how the world sees them, their country and their struggles. At Comra Films, we try to fulfil that mission through our training programs, film screenings and in-house film productions. We are a group of Yemeni film professionals who have always aimed to shed light on the most pressing issues our country faces through film. Over the years, our team has trained and collaborated with some of Yemen's most exciting new talent, amassing an unrivalled, burgeoning network and community of media professionals from across the country. We are not attached to any state institutions, political factions or receive funding from any other stakeholders.

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