Field Research Tools & Statistical Analysis | Mapping Cinema Audiences: Egypt
01 August 2018

Field Research Tools & Statistical Analysis | Mapping Cinema Audiences: Egypt
Image courtesy: PHI

The Field research tools were developed during the fieldwork phase of "Mapping Cinema Audiences: Egypt" in partnership with Tasbih Mohamed, a marketing research expert, and under the supervision of Eba’a El-Tamami, the project’s fieldwork consultant. PHI Knowledge, a marketing research and consultancy office in Cairo, was responsible for finalizing them for use by field operators and they were also responsible for the logistical coordination of fieldwork and statistical analysis.


We are presenting these tools in their entirety to make it possible to have a closer look at how we collected data and insights through our field study with cinema audiences in Egypt. Although these tools come out of the specifics of the Egyptian context at the time of conducting fieldwork, they may offer a starting point that could be expanded upon and adapted for similar future projects.


You can access the Field research tools here.

You can find the statistical findings of the fieldwork in a presentation prepared by PHI Knowledge accessible here.

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