United Screens is now online
25 April 2020

United Screens is now online

The United Screens archive is now online, currently comprising over 50 video conversations with filmmakers and media practitioners from across the Global South.

Conceived by the Berlin-based art space SAVVY Contemporary, United Screens is a long-term research and networking project that archives film production and dissemination in the Global South, with a particular focus on cinematic language using decolonial codes distinct from the prevailing canons. Looking at the past to understand postcolonial ties to current formats of film distribution, they aim for a broader understanding of modes of censorship, state control of screens, and processes of othering through cinema. They explore decentralized forms of distribution of independent films and video art within and between spaces of the South powered by collectivity and emerging digital and internet technologies.

Interviews were collected in India, Germany, South Africa and Tunisia, Engage @ Durban Film Market 2019, Engage @ Journées cinématographiques de Carthage 2019 and during Berlin International Film Festival 2020.
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Interviews from around the network:

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