Roadmap to Registering an Association in Germany
07 April 2022

Roadmap to Registering an Association in Germany

NAAS, Jeem and Nawras proudly present "Roadmap to Registering an Association in Germany," a comprehensive guide for international art and cultural organizations seeking to register as "eingetragener Verein" (e.V.) in Germany.

About the Roadmap:

This Roadmap is the outcome of this cooperation. In it, we’ve gathered our insights and experiences and those shared with us by other organisations, and matched those with information received through conversations with lawyers and tax advisors, in addition to information found on official sites online. Our aim is to offer you valuable insights as well as the right tools to help you make sense of the process and facilitate the roadwork ahead. 

This roadmap is a free educational tool, available in Arabic and English and in online and print versions. The download links are available below.

About the Live Guide:

The live guide is designed as an online collaborative document to walk you through the contours of the association’s registration in Germany. This means providing a more in-depth picture about aspects that are closely related to the process but of equal significance to its completion. And that’s not all, the document also works as a virtual public space that is continuously shaped and transformed by the inputs and experiences of many of its visitors. As you browse through it, you are likely to discover new concepts, understand more the internal workings of an organization, propose, suggest and comment at every turn of the page and contribute your own side of the story about the process.

In the live guide, we've provided a case study template in Arabic and English that you can adopt to write about your own transition in the making, the challenges that hindered your journey or the findings that facilitated your establishment in Germany as a registered association. Feel free to include your own experience with registering your organization, and we will make sure to publish it in the live guide.


Read the Roadmap in English here, and in Arabic here.

Or contribute your story to the live guide on this link.

Please reach out to [email protected] if you would like to receive a print version.

Contributing editors: Sabine Abi Saber, Amal Dib, Dalia Othman, Helena Matschiner, Furat Abu Hashhash
Nawras case study written by: Zain Saleh
NAAS case study written by: Furat Abu Hashhash
Translator - English to Arabic: Elham Kharpoutli
English Proofreader: Robert Olechna
Arabic Proofreader: Amal Dib
Graphic Designer: Abraham Zeitoun

We would like to thank Marion Schmidt, who wrote the first version of this Roadmap, which was specifically developed for Jeem. 

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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